CCM RibCor 65K Grip Sticks Senior

CCM RibCor 65K Grip Sticks Senior

Supplier: CCM

The CCM RibCor 65K Stick is the first stick in this new line to debut the optimized Pop Matrix Technology that delivers the quickest, most efficient shot release from RibCor yet. Building on one of the best low-kick stick families, CCM more gradually integrated the unique RibCor geometry to better allow energy to pass through the stick during the shooting process. The 65K also brings new X-Flow Technology to the RibCor Line. This re-designed construction process allows CCM to use more carbon fibre and less resin, which is the glue that holds carbon together. This results in better durability and better performance overall. The Ascent 2 blade core is built with a soft heel for optimal stick handling while the stiff toe ensures deadly precision. Heritage: RibCor 64K. Level of Player Guideline: Performance. Construction: Fused one-piece. Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Straight Sidewalls. Flex Point: Low-kick. Weight: 485 grams (based on a P29 curve, 85 flex)

CCM RibCor 65K Grip Sticks Senior - P29 Right Flex 95
Price: $250.00

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